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Peter, an English-born artist currently living and working in the UK. With a rich and diverse artistic journey, Peter's career has spanned decades during which he established thriving businesses in both Africa and Australia.


Exhibiting across various corporations, charity events and fairs, his work intertwines the ordinary tapestry of daily life, and a personal escape from the labyrinth of dyslexia. Each piece encapsulates not only the immediacy of connections formed with places he visits but also serves as a visual chronicle of his personal memories and experiences.


Experimentation at the heart of his creative process is allowing him to break free from conventional artistic norms. Engaging all five senses including smell, touch, sound, movement the canvas becomes a playground where he also explores the dynamic interplay between texture and light. Most uniquely, he goes beyond the traditional by creating functional work like clocks that not only tell time but become a sensory and visual exploration that enriches the observer's experience. Driven from the nuances of daily life and memories, his work serves as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the unseen. 

Marked by a profound dedication to pushing boundaries, using diverse mediums and techniques including mural, fresco, sculpture, light, texture and marbling effects etc, Peter continually investigates new ideas and projects. Fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic identity, he transforms visions into bespoke works while cultivating meaning connections with patrons who appreciate the unique essence woven into each personalised creations.

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