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About Peter Waterfield Art & Airbrush

Unique Artist. 
Peter William Waterfield is an English-born artist who lives and works in the UK. 
Graduating from Southampton Art College of Higher Education in the UK.

Peter specialised in air-brush painting but not limiting himself to a single style or concept. He moulded his personal technique of 3D-art works bridging sculpture, painting and light installation. 
For two decades between the 80's and 2000's he mainly lived in Johannesburg South Africa, building a successful business from the ground up, using his passion of paint and lifelong desire to become an accomplished artist as his lifeblood.
Peter moved to Australia in 2004 exhibiting his creations throughout several corporation's with different Charity organisations and fairs. All proceeds collected from these events were donated to the Homeless and Brisbane's St.Michael Church. 
Peter continues to travel the world and this is reflected in his art. Open to new ideas, projects and life gifts Peter  remains a devoted artist enjoying the creation of each and every piece that comes to mind and life through his mediums.

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